Tramps Fashion Compression Hosiery

TRAMPS is a high-quality fashion compression line designed by Tomas Reyes, a New York-based fashion designer, and his sister, Alex Reyes, a long-time hairstylist and salon owner in Austin, Texas. After working on her feet for many years, Alex’s doctor prescribed compression hose to help relieve the pressure in her legs and help with the varicose vein she started to develop. In her search, she grew frustrated by the lack of color and fashion in existing brands of compression hosiery, and she collaborated with Tomas to design the perfect line.

Together, Alex and Tomas created a line of beautiful and comfortable compression-wear that merges fashion and function. Created with customers in mind, TRAMPS offers superior comfort and style while providing compression for better circulation. The clean designs, creative patterns, and signature open-toed style are essential to every wardrobe and are a copyright exclusive to TRAMPS.